Do I Look Happy??..Pffsssstt….Kassey

Do I Look Happy??..Pffssssttt…….Kassey

Yesterday was an awful day. Mom said we had tornadoes coming and she

cleaned out our closet. I always dread that hot closet and this is what she did
to me. I’m a good girl but she said she had to put me in this thing. We did go
into the closet for a few minutes, but it seemed like the tornado was gonna
miss us again this time. She let me out for awhile as I had a snack and made
a potty trip. Well, I had to be put in this thing again as the tornadoes kept
coming and we had to be ready for the closet. She told me she was sorry
that she had to do this. Oh well, at least I didn’t have to go to the dreaded
vet and we were blessed yet again.