Mom Was Unfaithful….Kassey

Mom Was Unfaithful Today…..Kassey

Mom left me alone early this morning as she went to Andy’s. 

Andy’s car is sick so Mom had to take them to Florence to
Sheila’s back Doctor. She finally got home this afternoon
and I did not meet her at the door . She came to my bed-
room where I was enjoying my sun puddle. Well, after I
smelled dog and cat on her, I was not happy. I think she
has been giving my affection to Andy and Sheila’s pets.
How can she do this? She has some nerve. She loved on
me some and then said she had to go heat some food.
Well, I followed her meowing.. I wasn’t hungry. I just
needed some more loving.
I am in the bedroom with her as she relates how I’m feeling.
Yesterday she put her toy back in the bedroom and I’m on
the bed and I’m depressed even as she pawses to talk to me.
She keeps asking if I’m gonna sleep with her tonight. Well,
Blessings to all my furry friends especially the ones who
aren’t  feeling well. xxxxx Kassey