Sunny Cold Saturday,Just Nothing Much, etc

We had frost, don’t know what the temp was when we got up. It was in the 30’s at

bedtime about 9:30. I just turn on the usual re-runs to put me to sleep. I prefer

comedies before sleep and I don’t watch anything  violent. As you see, I have nothing to write about except I had a good wintertime breakfast of 2 fried eggs

and 2 small homemade biscuits and coffee, gotta have that coffee.

I do not know why the lines turned out this way. Maybe I hit the enter button

too  Kassey is waiting for her sun puddle by her window. It’s the

only place in the apt. with sun streaming through. Our apartment is located

in a good spot close to the office, making the trek to the mailbox and garbage

quite handy. The parking area is lit up very bright, so we feel very safe. The

back has a light as well but doesn’t shine in the window like the front ones do.

See? nothing much, just touching base..Oh one last thing, this whole thing looks funny and I’ve had a problem with the internet. I can’t add tags either.

Everyone stay warm.