Saturday, A Little Cattitude Too 

Saturday, A Little Cattitude Too

It’s in the 40’s and going down to freezing, they say. It’ll be about
right for snow, it’ll be flurries for us if anything.
I’m trying to get in the Christmas spirit, but hard to. I did buy one
gift today for Amy, the youngest G-Grand,  baby’s first laptop. I’ll
have to have some input on the other ones. The display price was
$2 more than when I checked out, pleasant surprise.

After I returned from Walmart, Kassey met me at the door and
checked things out. I wanted to buy her one of those things cats
climb in to sleep, but found none.I may have to go to a pet store.
Some of those for two cats are hard inside. If I get her one high
off the floor, she’ll have to climb from something else, but she’ll
figure it out. I thought too that if I put it in the bedroom, maybe she
will leave the blinds alone. That’s a silly thought, she’s not gonna
give that up.

At the moment she’ s napping on my bed with her back turned to me.
After I got home, I gave her some fancy feast chicken and liver. She’s
been begging for more. I thought one time today was enough, not
knowing  if it’s high in cholesterol. She ate some of her dry food instead
for her second snack. For dessert, Butter Pecan ice cream.

Today, I cooked some pintos with a slice of hickory smoked hog
jowl and added a little sugar and that was some good stuff with baked
cornbread, made with white and yellow cornmeal. I thought about Beth’s
cornbread and added a little sugar and enjoyed it.

The wind is whipping it up out there and it’s 39 going down to freezing,
they say. If it’s still cloudy, we may see snow flurries, That would be nice.
It’s about time to turn in, so we’ll say goodnight/day wherever y’all are.
Have a blessed day/night.