Re-arranging Bedroom/Office, etc

I worked on the bedroom/office, moving clutter and it looks

better. So I hope Kassey will move back into the bedroom as

she dislikes clutter, it seems. While I worked, she was in her

sun puddle and didn’t bother me. I changed the bed linens and

blankets too. After I was through, I asked her if she wanted to

get on the bed. She graced me with her presence for awhile.

Before moving the desktop, by accident I turned off the backup

battery, thereby turning off everything. It refused to turn back

on. I called Andy and he said to unplug everything and then turn

the battery back on. That did it, so I decided to update the HP lap-

top and download my webcam.

I removed the organizer so Kassey will have to leap up to the window,

thereby giving no room to paw the blinds. She will have to get behind

them. Hopefully, I won’t have to make her leave the bedroom as I dislike

doing this. Of course, I’m sure she’ll come up with something else to control

me. She looked up a table in front of the window that has several things on

it. I figure she was thinking she could use that table, but it will be moved.

I upgraded the live writer for Windows 7 and I hope it does well on blogger.

It’s still cold and gonna stay for awhile. …later