No Running Water For me..TN Son….More Snow…Kassey

Mom bought one of those  things she called a pitcher to
clean our dirty water. So now she has turned off my bathroom
running water that I loved so much. And now I can drink only
from a bowl. As a cat who wants running water, I do not like this.
Maybe I’ll drink it if I have to. She’s been drinking it all day so it
can’t be too bad..I’ll just get on the recliner back and wait for Tn
Son and his Family to arrive She won’t like that cuz it has no cover.
I wonder if they’ll have to drink the clean water….just wondering.
It snowed again today, but the humans said the roads were clear,
good thing cuz Mom worries.
Everyone has gathered tonight at 3 Sons Dad’s and Stepmom. Mom
is getting things ready cuz TN Son and Family may spend the night here.
That’s about it for now.