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  • greatgrannybee2008 1:08 pm on January 30, 2011 Permalink | Reply
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    Sneaky Credit Card Companies Rant 

    Sneaky Credit Card Companies Rant

    I won’t mention the Name, but I sure would like to. I always pay
    my bill  in full every month no matter what the total is. When I got
    my bill for this month, they had given me a ‘Promo Adjustment’,
    removing an amount that I paid last month, with ‘ deferred payment’,
    with ‘deferred interest charges, $1.60. And I’ve got until 12/11/11
    to pay it. I’ve been wondering when they might try to screw me. I
    have watched my bill every month for hidden charges or even bogus
    charges such as this.

    Do they actually expect people to overlook this kind of thing? I’m long
    in the tooth, but thank God, my mind is still sharp.

    Steve,the guy I talked to was very kind and I told him that because of this,
    when I’m sure that everything is in and paid, I will get rid of this Credit
    card. He told me before I do that, to get my rewards amount and he
    gave me the number to call. According to him, it should be about $80.
    Well now, if this true, good for me. But I am still chucking them. I also
    told him that I did not ask for a ‘Promo Adjustment’.

    I heard just recently that they are closing some of their stores. I say ‘Good’.
    hint hint hint…lol


  • greatgrannybee2008 5:11 pm on January 21, 2011 Permalink | Reply
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    Sunny Miffed Friday…..Kassey 

    Sunny Miffed Friday……Kassey

    Mom keeps telling me to come see the birdies, but I
    need sunpuddles more. What’s one more juicy birdie
    that an inside cat can’t enjoy ? It’s torture, I tell you.

    Here I am and Mom keeps disturbing me while she works. She’s on a working frenzy again and putting
    things in my room. I think she has cabin fever or Spring fever and feels the need to move stuff around.
    So , I just flap my tail , showing my discontent, effurry time she comes in.

    And last night , she would not get up when I needed a snack. She just told me to go to bed and get up
    there in my cube. I defied her and left the room. The furry idea of her not feeding a hungry cat…pfffst.
    Well, I’m gonna stay right here. And I hope all you furriends are in sunpuddles today.

    Yours truly, Kassey


    • arcticwl 10:08 pm on January 21, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      hahaha, so interesting writing, you just described so well about the mind of Kassey.
      Sunny Friday? here it had little bit sunshine, but temperature was terrible low, -60C with wind chill!.
      Hope you have a sunny weekend as well!

      • greatgrannybee2008 3:07 pm on January 22, 2011 Permalink | Reply

        Hi, Articwl, thanks for stopping by. I hope you’re staying warm in those awful cold temps. I can’t imagine living in that cold climate. I wish you a sunny weekend .

    • Arlene 3:42 pm on January 26, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      That looks a very comfy sunny spot Kassey, can I come and join you please, I’ll shoosh your Mom away if she tries to disturb us. But only if you promise to get all thoughts of birds out of your furry head.

    • rambling1on 3:28 pm on January 27, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      Kassey, you and I must find a comfy place and share a sun puddle one day.

    • rambling1on 1:21 pm on January 31, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      I love seeing that sweet baby laying there.

  • greatgrannybee2008 9:24 am on January 20, 2011 Permalink | Reply
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    Pleeeese, Mom….Privacy….Kassey 

    Pleeeese, Mom….. Privacy…………..Kassey

    Mom I know you worry when I hide from you, but some-
    times I need my own space. OK, you found me with the
    Webcam, hiding under the bed. And like a good girl, I

    came out when you told me too. And you followed me to my bedroom with that pesty flashy box.

    Mom, I don’t want to hurt your feelings, but you’re doing me like our pesty neighbor still does. Well, Mom I do understand how you feel. And I love you so I will go to your bedroom and get in my new cube.
    I can watch the birdies with you until I get sleepy. OK, Mom?
    Your loving companion, Kassey


  • greatgrannybee2008 12:39 pm on January 18, 2011 Permalink | Reply
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    Crocked Beans Tuesday 

    Crocked Beans Tuesday

    Yesterday, I finished my Red Beans with a leftover Pancake crumbled in,
    with a small nuked potato on the side.
    I discovered the good concoction with the Pancakes and Fried Cornbread
    I put on a tray together. When I reached for a cornbread patty, I got the pan-
    cake instead.. I sometimes add sugar to beans and usually Olive Oil after they
    are done. So the sweetness was welcome.

    Last night I put Great Northern Beans and Pintos into the crock pot. These
    beans will last several days. And I thought maybe I should start using this again
    to save on the light bill, just got a bigun this month..

    This rainy morning, I just had beans for breakfast and again for lunch, no corn-
    bread or pancakes, just yummy beans. I keep thinking about that pecan pie in
    the freezer thats missing some slices. Well, I have had a lotta fiber already…

    Kassey will probably talk later. Until then, everyone, Blessings Always.


    • Beth Marie 1:52 pm on January 18, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      I love beans. Especially great northern with ham and cornbread!

    • aussieian2010 5:10 am on January 19, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      Sounds like you like the baked beans , hope you put a bit of variety with them ,keeping up your strength is important as is staying warm , wishing you much love and happiness.

      • rambling1on 9:09 am on January 19, 2011 Permalink | Reply

        Us Southern girls love our beans and ham or any streaky meat and our cornbread.

  • greatgrannybee2008 2:36 pm on January 15, 2011 Permalink | Reply
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    Cramped Quarters…..Kassey 

    New, bigger cube later, we hope ,as this one
    is way too small for yours truly.
    No room to groom, but I wanted to be with Mom in the Living-room last night before
    bedtime. No privacy here as she keeps clicking the flashy box.
    My tiny tree is still out as you see in the background. She will stuff it back in the tiny box when the mood strikes her.
    Oh well, another day perhaps.
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