Crocked Beans Tuesday 

Crocked Beans Tuesday

Yesterday, I finished my Red Beans with a leftover Pancake crumbled in,
with a small nuked potato on the side.
I discovered the good concoction with the Pancakes and Fried Cornbread
I put on a tray together. When I reached for a cornbread patty, I got the pan-
cake instead.. I sometimes add sugar to beans and usually Olive Oil after they
are done. So the sweetness was welcome.

Last night I put Great Northern Beans and Pintos into the crock pot. These
beans will last several days. And I thought maybe I should start using this again
to save on the light bill, just got a bigun this month..

This rainy morning, I just had beans for breakfast and again for lunch, no corn-
bread or pancakes, just yummy beans. I keep thinking about that pecan pie in
the freezer thats missing some slices. Well, I have had a lotta fiber already…

Kassey will probably talk later. Until then, everyone, Blessings Always.