Sunny Miffed Friday…..Kassey

Sunny Miffed Friday……Kassey

Mom keeps telling me to come see the birdies, but I
need sunpuddles more. What’s one more juicy birdie
that an inside cat can’t enjoy ? It’s torture, I tell you.

Here I am and Mom keeps disturbing me while she works. She’s on a working frenzy again and putting
things in my room. I think she has cabin fever or Spring fever and feels the need to move stuff around.
So , I just flap my tail , showing my discontent, effurry time she comes in.

And last night , she would not get up when I needed a snack. She just told me to go to bed and get up
there in my cube. I defied her and left the room. The furry idea of her not feeding a hungry cat…pfffst.
Well, I’m gonna stay right here. And I hope all you furriends are in sunpuddles today.

Yours truly, Kassey