Sneaky Credit Card Companies Rant

Sneaky Credit Card Companies Rant

I won’t mention the Name, but I sure would like to. I always pay
my bill  in full every month no matter what the total is. When I got
my bill for this month, they had given me a ‘Promo Adjustment’,
removing an amount that I paid last month, with ‘ deferred payment’,
with ‘deferred interest charges, $1.60. And I’ve got until 12/11/11
to pay it. I’ve been wondering when they might try to screw me. I
have watched my bill every month for hidden charges or even bogus
charges such as this.

Do they actually expect people to overlook this kind of thing? I’m long
in the tooth, but thank God, my mind is still sharp.

Steve,the guy I talked to was very kind and I told him that because of this,
when I’m sure that everything is in and paid, I will get rid of this Credit
card. He told me before I do that, to get my rewards amount and he
gave me the number to call. According to him, it should be about $80.
Well now, if this true, good for me. But I am still chucking them. I also
told him that I did not ask for a ‘Promo Adjustment’.

I heard just recently that they are closing some of their stores. I say ‘Good’.
hint hint hint…lol