Sunny, Cold Wednesday

Sunny, Cold Wednesday

I plan to shop today, looking for steps for my girl.
The wind chill is in the teens, so even with the sun
out, I’ll have to wait for some warm up.

I wonder how the weather reporters stand those low
wind chills that can cause frostbite. And I see folks
on camera walking with a bare face, those they interview.

I feel for you folks up North in the awful snow and ice.
I hope you all are keeping warm and your power is on.
Andy said his Dad and Step-mom are stranded in Indiana
in their 18 wheeler. Andy keeps them informed on the
weather. They had a problem with ice on the windshield.
And I hope they’ll be safe as they head West. How is that
for short choppy sentences?lol I don’t want to take time to
do it right. Those steps are waiting, I hope with Kassey’s
name on them.

Be Blessed, warm and Safe.