Never Thought I Would….But 

Never Thought I Would…but

Sunday, I called T-Mobile and after a few Questions, I
added text to my phone. I just have the small cell phone
and it’s working out as I text the two Sons that have it. I
only do short messages so far. I’m slow but I’ll get there.
It was $ 10 added to my existing account and she said if
I didn’t like it, just call and they’d remove it with no penalty.
I asked if I had a time limit and she said no…… good news.

I don’t see how anyone can even consider texting while
driving. I’d never try walking in my apartment while texting,
no need to stumble over Kassey or bump into walls or get
wrapped up in a rug. A silly scenario but if one has the habit
bad enough, one can only imagine the pitfalls. It reminds me
of the woman at the mall who fell into the pool of water. Can
you imagine reading the news about a ‘text addicted’ Senior
getting hit by a car  while walking to her mailbox.? This is a
new kink for me and  I’ll be sensible.

It’s cloudy and we got a little shower and we’re supposed to
get snow later today or night, not sure. It’s in the 40’s and dismal,
getting darker at 11:45 AM. And Kassey demands my attention.
Have a blessed Monday everyone.