Worried Wednesday 

Worried Wednesday

It’s so difficult not to worry especially when our children are having
health issues. It’s Andy again who needs prayer. He has been diag-
nosed with Type 2 Diabetes. I never knew anything about this and
still know little about it. His body is holding onto the sugar and won’t
release it, not even through the kidneys. He hasn’t been well for some
time now and mostly just laying around the house.

Tomorrow, Thursday, he will have the test which scares me. I don’t
understand the reasoning behind it. He will drink about 4 ounces of
glucose and it could result in coma or death.

He has no appetite and had not eaten all day the afternoon he had
blood work for this. His Glucose 136 (normal 70-100)
His Insulin was 26.5 (normal 2.9 – 10.1)
C-Peptide 5.5   (normal  0.8-3.1)
AST ( SGOT )   13  ( normal  0.8-  3.1

I hope someone can enlighten me on this disease. He told me that his
Dad has this as well so I wonder if it’s hereditary. My first thought was
that one of his medications is too blame.
I will post as I know the results of this test.

I sure need the sunshine today, don’t we all. I hope you all have sunshine
today and are most Blessed.