CC Update

Yesterday, I received the expected refund in the amount of $26.20
just as the Rep told me. Now I’ll have to wait at least another month
for the $10 bill I figure they’ll send me. Maybe 2 months is what it’ll
take for them to feed their computer the correct info. I just thought,
what if the greedy ones treat the $10 like a loan and try to charge a

I am certainly ready to divorce them, but there will be more conver-
sations , I’m sure before this happens. The more I think about it, I
wonder if the Reps I’ve been talking to are from ‘S’ or their ‘C’ bank
that handles their business. One told me it ‘S’ is doing this, not the Bank.

I’ll hang in there until I can be sure everything is cleared up. Without
the open account, I could not contact them.
To the bank I go today with a meowing cat left behind. She’s OK though.