Awesome Blog Award Thanks, Mr. Puddy, Rain, Kassey,etc.

We were given the Awesome Blog Award by Mr. Puddy and

we so appreciate it. We do feel very honored to receive it. I
have slowly looked for ones who don’t have it and have managed
a few. My internet has been slower than usual lately and I’ve been
working in the house as Kassey spoke about. So please feel free to
come by and get the Award. There are so many wonderful writers
on the internet and they make my day. Kassey and I thank you all
for reading and commenting.
We’re getting some good rain for a change. Kassey is now in her cube
for a snuggly snooze. Earlier she was running from window to window
and enjoying the rain apparently and with the windows open it got pretty
cool.She headed for her cube and I closed the windows..
Kassey’s food agrees with her and it’s either USA or Canada, judging by
the code. It’s Purina, all natural, no colors, etc. She hasn’t lost any of it.
And even with a bowl of filtered water, she still uses her fountain that has
filtered water from my pitcher.
I’m a Nascar fan and the Nationwide is on so I’m outta here.
Y’all have a Blessed Day.