Cold,Cloudy,Calm Thursday

Cold Cloudy Calm Thursday

Yesterday was a bad day. It rained hard after Andy and Sheila left.
I guess they got caught in it. It was coming in blowing sheets and it
turned yellow, haven’t seen that in sometime. Weatherman predicted
hail , none here that I saw.

Kassey had been unsettled much of the day and upset with me.
I had to caution her about sitting in the window and asked her to get
on the bed  behind me as I was on the ‘puter. She jumped up but want-
ed nothing to do with me. I patted the bed and tried to entice her to lie
‘down here next to Mom.’ She tried to put a bitie on me. Well, she could
have if she was serious about it. All I felt was the brush of her small teeth.
She went to her pillow by the window in her bedroom. It was still yellow
and I told her to get in her cube. Her cube is on a long table next to her bed
by the window. She ignored me so I just touched her left hip with my pointer
finger. She then got up and walked over to her cube and settled in.

I still have everything in disarray, but I’m getting there. I explained to her that
we’re not moving, thinking it might be a fear of  hers. I don’t know her background
so she may have seen this before she went to the shelter.

I neglected  to leave her litter box in a position so she could walk around it. My bad.
It is now on a rug., giving her plenty room to do her thing.
I got to see her BM recently when she came to me telling me what she’d done.
She didn’t have room to cover it. It looked better than when she was on the other

food and I was glad to see it. She is now sleeping peacefully, covered on her pillow.
She will probably talk later. And I hope she’s in a better mood.