Yesterday, Today Thankful Thursday………Kassey

Watching For Mailman Yesterday
Mom said after the Mailman comes, she’d go to the garbage and check the mail.  I had to watch for him.  I was in the window when she got back. She always smiles and waves at her watch cat.  It’s a lonely world for a house kitty, but I’m safe and so Blessed. after the storm yesterday.
Juicy Doves This Morning
Juicy Doves  Moving Closer

I got Mom up early this morning. These juicy Doves came for Breakfast and it was a delight to see these sweet looking birdies. I sat quietly, not saying a word as they moved closer. Mom said while I watched the

the birdies, she’d make coffee. I  ate that dry stuff again instead of a juicy birdie. She said she wished she
could feed me raw meat, but it’s not safe for a kitty.