Caturday Night Bedtime, March 19, 2011

Caturday Night Bedtime…..Kassey

I do not want to share my bed with my human Brofur. I tried to tell you when dark came it was bedtime so I figured I’d go to bed alone on our bed. You said my Brofur was gonna sleep on our bed and you’d sleep on the couch. Well, I’m not leaving. He came in here and talked to me and I showed him that I could bite him if I really wanted to, and  I even kissed his finger.

Later when he came back in from outside, he stopped me from going out and I whapped his foot…good thing I have no claws on the front paws. I just thought if my Brofur went out, I could too. He seems to get away with more than I do, so unfair. Enuff about my Brofur, it’s bedtime.

Mom, I’m washed now and ready for bed. Brofur can sleep on the couch, OK Mom?