Thankful Thursday…..Kassey

I cannot believe I walked right into the closet. Mom is still pulling
things outta the closets. And it seems to be her hobby these days.

Last night the storm radio man said we had a tornado somewhere
in our town. So that’s when she started emptying the closet and I
had to snoopervise. Well, in I went and Mom right behind me and
closed the door. I couldn’t believe she did that again. But, at least

I wasn’t in my carrier.And  I finally laid down in the floor trying to get some whiffies under the door.

Mom petted me and tried to soothe  me, but my kitty patience soon ran out and I showed my teeth. I was not a happy kitty. We finally came out and went to bed.

We have been Blessed again and kept safe from the storm. For this , I am a grateful kitty.