Early Saturday Boomies…..Kassey

In the dark last night, Mom and I were disturbed by boomies.
It was flashing and so noisy and water was falling. We didn’t
get up and it soon quit.

Tonight Mom got the closet ready again as the wind started
blowing and raining. She didn’t have to tell me what might
happen, but she said we may have to go into the closet yet
again. I hid under the bed, well, I thought I was. Here she
comes with the flashy box. 
Please Mom, not the flashy box. I have seen enough flashes and heard boomies from the sky already. I want to stay here until it’s gone, OK Mom?
We had to turn off the ‘puter cuz of the bad stuff outside. But we didn’t have to enter the closet. We just went to bed, finally.

It’s Sunday now and cloudy. The closet is still ready for us, but maybe the sky will be quite today. All this sure makes a kitty nervous.
I hope all you kitties and woofies will be safe and Blessed..