Messy Monday Inside And Out

The weather is cloudy and dismal today. Schools are closing early
because of tornados expected.. So I’m just waiting for the other shoe
to drop. The closet is ready for me and Kassey. She is resting in her
cube unaware that she may be scooped up and put in the closet.

I’m still shredding and have a mess as Kassey said. She’s used to it
by now. I think that as soon as a bill is posted and the money is
extracted from my bank account, I will shred it. I’ve been afraid in
the past because of certain companies trying to out do or ‘whodo’me.

I have divorced the last one who tried this and I have a new credit
card with my credit union. And I already shredded the old one. The
statements will be next, except for the last 3 as I have no trust left for
this business.

I do hope everyone will be safe while these wild storms rage.