Bitey In Closet…..Kassey

I was really ticked off at Mom as she had her hand on the door knob while leaning against the door. I had enough of that dark little room so I put a bitey on her arm. She didn’t see any bloods leaking but she knew I was upset. I was upset too as she scooped me up in my cube and put me in the closet.

My Brofur, Andy called to see if we were still in the closet. He said, ‘Y’all can come out now, The storm has left your area and headed SE.’ So as Mom was leaning against the door, she opened it and tumbled out into the floor laughing. I was in the living-room and turned around watching as she put the phone down and got up on all fours  before standing on her hind legs.MOL .

After this ordeal, I headed for my favorite blankie.

Mom here : It almost looks like she’s washing a cat on the blanket. We received this as a Christmas gift and it’s my favorite one..
When the T-Storm came back she got under the comforter at the head of the bed.