Wednesday ..Checking In..Nothing Much Post

It is a lovely sunny chilly day and not much going
on. I looked in on the boss and she was bathing in
her cube. The sun hasn’t moved to her window yet.

See? nothing much. I have got to work some more
around here and make a Walmart trip for hamburger
buns coz I’m not in the baking mood yet.

The weeds are sprouting everywhere. I’m glad I don’t
have to do any yard work  I’ve been toying with the idea
of getting some bell pepper plants and we have to leave
them in the pots. I had peppers before in my hometown.
They did OK but were small.

Andy is improving with diet and medication.And he still
seems to tire easily.
Gotta get busy and as I rest here at the desktop, I’ll be
visiting, God willing.