Thankful Quite Thursday…..Kassey

First I’m thankful that I still have a bed to sleep on. I have so  many Blessings that I can’t count them all.

Mom locked me out last night acause I was ‘misbehaving’ again. I was not ready for her to go to bed.
During the late dark time, I knocked on the door and was ignored. I left her alone then and finally got
her up with my knock. It was getting up time and she did. I guess now she’ll pay more attention to
my knocks acause my water fountain was making a scary noise. It was too low on water. After the
water was added, it got quite.

I already had breakfast and chewed it good, but up it came. Mom thinks the noisy fountain and her
not getting up when I needed her caused my tummy upset, bad Mom.

It’s a sunny , quite Thursday and I’m thankful for the quite sky today. I do hope you all have quite skies

From April 7,2011, blogspot