Closet, My Side Of The Story….Kassey 

Closet, My Side Of The Story……….Kassey

I was not happy when Mom told me that we may have
to go into the closet again. She scooped me in my cube
and here we went again hiding from the storm. We got
out briefly for visits to the little rooms and I had to have
a few bites. Before it was all over, I wanted to bite Mom.I was switched from the cube to the PTU coz I was deter-
mined to escape the next time she opened that door. I did

escape and then I was crammed into the PTU.
When we heard hail hitting the roof, Mom said ‘it’s here’. But it didn’t stay long. Mom
was talking to Someone, but she wasn’t talking on the phone at the time. He kept us safe again.

Mom had leaky eyes when she read comments left on her post. We are so grateful for
our blog family and for the purrs and prayers.
Be safe and Blessed.