Not The First Time..ewwwooo,etc.

We’ve heard of  spiders visiting our open mouths.
Well last night I believe that must have been what
happened and it has occurred before. I
remember feeling like a wad of hair was in my
throat. If I could yak it up…well, I’d rather not look
at the leggy little beast. I hate those things so I just
swallow and drink water. I haven’t seen these things
this Spring yet, so I’m wondering where  they’re hiding.
Guess I’ll have to sic Kassey on ’em. or sleep in a mask.

I hope everyone is having a soothing Sunday afternoon.
Kassey has been in her cube most of this cloudy day.
I put together her fountain again today. She does like
it better than a bowl. It’s a task for me to disassemble
it and Andy had to do it. This way it gets a better wash-

I’ve been eating leftovers from supper yesterday evening.
I had pinto beans,corn on the cob,kale and cornbread for
breakfast and for lunch…mmm good eatin. Hey, I’ve eaten
left over spaghetti and pizza for breakfast, not together of
course. OK, nuff of this.