Gray Cool Monday Catch Up

Gray Cool Monday Catch Up

We’re still here even though we haven’t posted in awhile.
I have been visiting, trying to catch up. As we all know, blogger
is behaving like spaces did for so long, making it better for us, lol

I’m still working on papers and having to look at every piece before
shredding, becoming quite a chore. And now, I hope I haven’t shred-
ed something I need.

Kassey hasn’t upchucked in awhile, good news. I fed her some
salmon in the foil pouch. The last canned I bought smelled like the
can, no more of that.

This cool weather reminds me of  1998 or 1999, I believe it was.
I went to a singing at church one night in June and was very comfy
in my wool suit. Well, I’ll take this weather any time over storms.

It’s past lunch time so guess I’ll nuke some crocked black beans,
collards,brown rice and cornbread while watching Hazel.