Catching Up Saturday

Catching Up Saturday

Blogger couldn’t find my web page this AM…lol And
went to a search that didn’t even spell it right….haha
So now I’m on Firefox and so far it’s OK. Even Safari
didn’t do the job right most of the time, didn’t like it.

I’m finally able to post comments so far and I’m way behind.
It’s hot and gonna get hotter. But I have to take some more
stuff to the mission store. It feels so good to finally get my
closets cleared out. It has been a long process, but I’m get-
ting there. Sometimes it’s hard to decide what you don’t need.

Kassey is catching some zzzzz’s but she’ll no doubt get up when
I leave. She’s a lot more secure now, so she doesn’t go to her
food bowl when she knows I’m going. Sometimes she’ll follow
me to the door and I explain that I won’t be gone long and she
can look for me from the window.

An ambulance just came for someone and it looked like my
Sister’s neighbor. Her neighbor had surgery recently and for
some reason they had to stop during the surgery and close her
up. Finally she came home. As word goes around, I’m sure I’ll
hear about it.  I’m sorry about this, but I’m glad too that it wasn’t
my Sister.
Gotta get going out in the heat. Yall stay cool and Blessed.

(copied from blogger 6/19/11)
update: It was another neighbor who broke a bone getting
to the door.