Saturday Almost Rant

I tried to upload a short video from my Canon about my
furry boss and her manipulations in action. Of course, I just
quit coz it was taking way too long.

Do we have to put it on YouTube first? just wondering. I tried
in vain recently to put a Kassey video on there. I couldn’t even
play it , not surprised.

Now on to my spaces account….I have deleted all my contacts
on there, for obvious reasons. (FB). They are all for messenger,
it seems anyhow, which I don’t use. I still get stripped down female
invitations which I detest. I have no respect for spaces. This is
nothing new. I have removed all my information from there, even
my fave movies, etc.

Sweet Kassey is sleeping and has missed all the yard sale people
milling around.
If I get ever get the newest Kassey video on, it will be her blog.
Maybe someone can shed some light on this, coz I haven’t a clue.