Gotcha’d Oct. 23,2007…Kassey

Gotcha’d Oct. 23,2007….Kassey

This is the date in 2007 that I Gotcha’d Mom. I know it’s usually the day that The Cat was gotted.
But when Mom came in, I stood up and greeted her. She had made several trips to the shelter looking
for ‘ME’. Not to be confusing, but, you see I wasn’t there the other times she visited. The lady told Mom that I’d never done that to anyone else. Mom chose me after I first chose her.
I just didn’t know she’d be so hard to train…MOL  We are happy just to be together. And she tells
me that she’s so glad we met and I am too.
I sang to her all the way home. Then she had to give a photo of me to the Manager after we got home.
Mom has leaky eyes thinking about that day and you can see I’m purrfectly content on my favorite blankie.