My Caturday…Kassey

I got on Mom’s jacket after she got home yesterday. After awhile she said I had to haf my pill. Andy and Sheila had to take one of their little woofies to the v-e-t and Andy was just too tired to come. Mom told him that she was gonna try butter with the crushed pill. First, she put it before me…mol. I smelled it…haha.  Then she sucked it up in the small thingy and I sure gave her a fit as she tried ofer and ofer. She nefer got it all down me. She finally rubbed it on me and there’s still some left in my dish. She sure made a mess on the windowsill too.
Mom thinks I’m better and we so appreciate all the purrs and prayers and grrrrs. I am sleeping better and not getting Mom up like before.
Someone asked about the pain shot. Mom didn’t think to ask but she thinks with the infection, I probably had pain. I shook my head a lot , probably infected ears as well. She said my ears were red too.
Andy and Sheila will be here today fur more pill giving. This is a 9 day ordeal…..oh woe is me.