Resting This Furry Furiday…Kassey

I can’t believe she tricked me yesterday and put me in that PTU. She had to go somewhere first so I thought I was safe as I went to my bed-room. Here she came and closed the door. I didn’t fuss much but I sang to her all the way. VET agreed with Mom that the nail clipping may have been the reason fur my bloods in the sink. She told him we didn’t get the whole prescription down. Well, of course, he gave me a shot of antibiotic, anti-inflamatory, cortisone shot, which Mom thought unnecessary. She asked fur a distemper shot even though the only pets I’m around are there. I hope I don’t have to go back until next year fur my annuals. I was not nice to those woofies. They all looked so happy to be there….why??? Mom thought they were sweet, but I growled at them while they just ignored me.
After the day I had, I would not sleep on her bed last night. She bought me 2 new treats today so maybe I’ll sleep with her tonight.