Furriday and Caturday…Kassey

Furriday on Caturday….Kassey

Yesterday while Mom was at her Doctor’s, she left the webcam recording.
When she played it back, she heard me calling to her before I even saw the
car. I continued calling and I was so excited to see her car coming a’cause
I missed her. I met her at the door and she was happy to see me too.
It was cold and I slept most of the day on our bed, under a blankie. This
cuts the light out and the main thing is, no hooman can see me. mol

Mom is quite befuddled and needs help on how to place our friends list that
we follow on our blog. Peeese, can anyone gif  Mom some simple instructions,
she’s so pooter illiterate….mol

I’m under the blankie on the bed again and Mom is going to town again. And
I know the webcam will be listening and watching me again. PPPfffssst, a kitty
can’t get away wif anything….mol