Comment, No Can Do

Comment, No Can Do

So is anyone having this problem? And how can I remove this
REPLY? Who goes back to see what someone commented to
their comments? I do go back to check for future comments.
I get behind a lot and have to play catchup on visiting.
How is Google making this a plus. Any clues, anyone? Well, I’m
stumped and clueless.
This and the Internet going off is not fun.
‘Nuff said. Guess I’ll go to bed and say Goodnight everyone.
This is from Saturday, copied today Monday 1/30/12
I still cannot leave comments on most of my friends blogs.
I have visited as many as before and I’m only allowed to comment
here and there. I even tried to reply to see if I could get back to
the friend, but no luck. My guess is Google is having a lot of fun
while irritating me and others in the same boat.
Just wanted you all to know that if you see my footprint with
no comment, this is why.