After Vet Visit…

After Vet Visit….Mom

Kassey was doing pretty well after getting home today.
The vet said he gave her fluids yesterday and this morning.
He said 2 times a day won’t help her.
He gave her 2 cans of KD food. She loved it. It reminded
me of potted meat, which I used to eat. He said she needed
a low protein diet.

This evening she hid under the couch. I found her after
much searching. When I found her by moving the couch, she
meowed, begging me to leave her alone. But finally she came
out and completely emptied her tummy. She ate a few bites
She then went to the bed, still wanting to be left alone.
Then she curled up by my pillow.
I so hope she feels better tomorrow, but I’ve lost hope,
at this point.