My Weekend….K…

My Weekend….Kassey

Mom has tried several times to post with photos.
We had a gud week-
end with my hoomans from TN. As my hooman brother
stacked clothes on the long table, Mom knew that I was
gonna claim them. Brother told her, “I’ts OK, Mother”. But she

covered them with a big table cloth and flashed me.
As y’all know, I hang around my brother. And later, he was by the counter talking to Mom. She had the noisy
mixer going with pecan pie stuff. Before Mom knew it, I was there looking in the mixer bowl. Of course she couldn’t flash me. She told me to get down and like the gud little gurl I am, I got down.
They bought chicken and stuff fur supper and I got some too. Mom just couldn’t eat it in front of me, efen though it may not be gud fur me.
I stopped eating my fuds wif water mixed in. So Mom is now feeding it to me like before. And I still keep it down.

It came a big rain yesterday when my TN brother and his kits left fur home.It was so quite here after they left. It was nap time fur me. So I got on my recliner and had a gud Easy.
Thank you all again fur your prayers.
We wish effurryone a Happy Labor Day !