Hungry Restless…

Hungry Restless Nights….Kassey

Last night Mom raised the blinds so I couldn’t whap them.
Well, furriends, don’t let your Mom do that to you. I hated
it and meowed a lot. The blinds whapping is my way of telling
her that I need to eat.
I did eat at my usual  2 times in the wee dark hours. And she
feeds me at bedtime so maybe we’ll get some sleep ‘fore
the blinds whapping starts. My tummy gets hungry about
effury 2 or 3 hours in the dark. And we get up about 5:30
fur my breakfast. You see, I just eat about 1/2 small bowl
at a time. What’s left goes back in the big box.
She also put her shelving wif stuffs hanging on it ‘tween the
window and bed to block outside eyes when the TV is on.
Well, kitties, Mom said she’d put the blinds back down so
I won’t be so stressed. And she’ll put the shelving back in
it’s place.