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  • greatgrannybee2008 7:36 pm on May 28, 2011 Permalink | Reply
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    Depressing Spring 

    WEDNESDAY, MAY 25, 2011

    Depressing Spring

    It looks like the weather might be scary here tonight
    as well as other states. Between 12:00 and 3:00 AM, we
    can expect whatever may come.
    I wonder if turning the sofa over for me and Kassey to
    hunker down under will be as safe as the closet. So I guess
    we may sleep in the living-room tonight.
    From what we’ve seen already from neighboring states, a
    closet won’t be safe. It’s been the most heart wrenching
    thing I’ve seen in a long time, how people’s lives have
    been lost or turned upside down. And it has been
    difficult for me to see the destruction.
    As I type this, Memphis has a tornado warning and I hope
    and pray nobody is hurt nor becomes homeless.
    God bless you, Memphis and wherever these storms travel.
    God willing, maybe they’ll just peter out.
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    Closet, My Side Of The Story….Kassey 

    Closet, My Side Of The Story……….Kassey

    I was not happy when Mom told me that we may have
    to go into the closet again. She scooped me in my cube
    and here we went again hiding from the storm. We got
    out briefly for visits to the little rooms and I had to have
    a few bites. Before it was all over, I wanted to bite Mom.I was switched from the cube to the PTU coz I was deter-
    mined to escape the next time she opened that door. I did

    escape and then I was crammed into the PTU.
    When we heard hail hitting the roof, Mom said ‘it’s here’. But it didn’t stay long. Mom
    was talking to Someone, but she wasn’t talking on the phone at the time. He kept us safe again.

    Mom had leaky eyes when she read comments left on her post. We are so grateful for
    our blog family and for the purrs and prayers.
    Be safe and Blessed.

    • CatsRuS 6:24 pm on April 29, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      I’m so glad you and Kassey are safe. I’ve been thinking of you both when I heard on the news of those terrible storms in the South. How frightened you both must have been! Stay safe. Will keep you both in my prayers.

    • greatgrannybee2008 4:52 pm on May 1, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      Hi, Robyn, thank you for visiting and keeping us in your prayers. I hope you and your little sweethearts are well.

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    Thankful Thursday 

    Thankful Thursday

    We were spared from the awful tornadoes. Kassey sure
    was glad to leave the closet. She really tried to be good.
    She did growl some when I opened the door a little to watch
    through the window. It rained hard and hailed briefly. I was
    texting with Kim as the hail beat the roof..( My car seems to
    be dent free, thank God.)
    Kim said TN son was sleeping for his night shift later. They
    were OK at the time and then I heard later it was headed
    toward Manchester. I was listening to TV and the scanner.
    They were spared but his pickup now has a tree or large
    limb on the truck bed, bending the frame. It could have been
    so much worse. God was so good to us again as He’s been
    so often during troublesome times.
    They also got flying debris as did his brother who lives about
    15 minutes from me.

    Andy and his family never had to go into the shelter. However,
    it left them in the dark like so many others. They plan to grill the
    meat from the freezer. And God willing, I will add a pot of beans.
    They can grill veggies as well, sounding yummy already.

    Sheila and the D-I-L’s and the Grands came by on their way to
    Walmart. I’m relieved that the road from here to their home isn’t
    littered will debri. So I shouldn’t have to worry about nails,etc.

    Today is the first opportunity to get online since the storms as the
    web connect stick has been testy. I called them and of course,
    he used the weather for an excuse. I told him that this has hap-
    pened before when nothing was going on. I started visiting but
    could not comment.

    It’s dark now and you know who has been hinting for me to close
    now. I hope all our friends were kept safe.
    Blessings to all.

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    Bitey In Closet…..Kassey

    I was really ticked off at Mom as she had her hand on the door knob while leaning against the door. I had enough of that dark little room so I put a bitey on her arm. She didn’t see any bloods leaking but she knew I was upset. I was upset too as she scooped me up in my cube and put me in the closet.

    My Brofur, Andy called to see if we were still in the closet. He said, ‘Y’all can come out now, The storm has left your area and headed SE.’ So as Mom was leaning against the door, she opened it and tumbled out into the floor laughing. I was in the living-room and turned around watching as she put the phone down and got up on all fours  before standing on her hind legs.MOL .

    After this ordeal, I headed for my favorite blankie.

    Mom here : It almost looks like she’s washing a cat on the blanket. We received this as a Christmas gift and it’s my favorite one..
    When the T-Storm came back she got under the comforter at the head of the bed.


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    Messy Monday Inside And Out

    The weather is cloudy and dismal today. Schools are closing early
    because of tornados expected.. So I’m just waiting for the other shoe
    to drop. The closet is ready for me and Kassey. She is resting in her
    cube unaware that she may be scooped up and put in the closet.

    I’m still shredding and have a mess as Kassey said. She’s used to it
    by now. I think that as soon as a bill is posted and the money is
    extracted from my bank account, I will shred it. I’ve been afraid in
    the past because of certain companies trying to out do or ‘whodo’me.

    I have divorced the last one who tried this and I have a new credit
    card with my credit union. And I already shredded the old one. The
    statements will be next, except for the last 3 as I have no trust left for
    this business.

    I do hope everyone will be safe while these wild storms rage.


  • greatgrannybee2008 11:54 am on March 24, 2011 Permalink | Reply
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    Thankful Thursday…..Kassey

    I cannot believe I walked right into the closet. Mom is still pulling
    things outta the closets. And it seems to be her hobby these days.

    Last night the storm radio man said we had a tornado somewhere
    in our town. So that’s when she started emptying the closet and I
    had to snoopervise. Well, in I went and Mom right behind me and
    closed the door. I couldn’t believe she did that again. But, at least

    I wasn’t in my carrier.And  I finally laid down in the floor trying to get some whiffies under the door.

    Mom petted me and tried to soothe  me, but my kitty patience soon ran out and I showed my teeth. I was not a happy kitty. We finally came out and went to bed.

    We have been Blessed again and kept safe from the storm. For this , I am a grateful kitty.


    • michiko san 11:21 pm on March 24, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      I can seen you are really likes get fresh air and me too:-)
      but this time I agree with your mum because the storm are coming to your way..
      it better to closed door? but you don’t understand do you?
      You can visit my home anytime Kassey in future you come with Admiral 🙂

    • greatgrannybee2008 12:27 pm on March 25, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      Hi, Michiko san, thanks for coming by with a comment. No, I don’t understand why we have to be in the closet cuz I needed to go to bed.
      xxx Kassey

  • greatgrannybee2008 2:48 pm on March 13, 2011 Permalink | Reply
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    Sleepy Saturday….Kassey 

    Saturday, March 12, 2011

    Sleepy Saturday….Kassey

    I wonder if I can sleep undisturbed cuz I really need a nap.

    Mom, I was peacefully napping and you just haf to hang
    clothes in my closet.


    • Beth Marie 4:19 pm on March 13, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      These are great pictures of you Kassey. Be nice to mommy as she is so good to you.

    • natswans 5:44 am on March 17, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      Lovely pictures of you Kassey so at peace with the world. Be good to mum xx

  • greatgrannybee2008 12:08 am on November 30, 2010 Permalink | Reply
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    Bad Weather Expected Tonight 

    As soon as I started typing the weather alert radio sounded.

    It looks like it might be an all nighter watching for Tornadoes.

    I’ve got the closet ready again and the watch  is to be now until

    7:00 AM.  Kassey went to bed.  I hate to wake her if it gets stormy

    to put her in her carrier, but we’ll head for the closet. The last bag

    of nip I fixed for her was in her carrier from the last time. I couldn’t

    think of where it might be, thinking she hid it. She was glad to get it.

    About all for now, I guess. I wish safety for us all.

    • Ramblingon 2:31 pm on November 30, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      My gosh Ann…are you two alright now? Has the weather calmed? I saw a tornado watch block on the weather map in your general direction.


      • greatgrannybee2008 11:21 pm on November 30, 2010 Permalink | Reply

        Hi, Carole, yes we’re fine. I don’t think Athens had anything, just rain and a little wind, not bad. Thank you for asking.

  • greatgrannybee2008 7:19 pm on October 27, 2010 Permalink | Reply
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    Do I Look Happy??..Pffsssstt….Kassey 

    Do I Look Happy??..Pffssssttt…….Kassey

    Yesterday was an awful day. Mom said we had tornadoes coming and she

    cleaned out our closet. I always dread that hot closet and this is what she did
    to me. I’m a good girl but she said she had to put me in this thing. We did go
    into the closet for a few minutes, but it seemed like the tornado was gonna
    miss us again this time. She let me out for awhile as I had a snack and made
    a potty trip. Well, I had to be put in this thing again as the tornadoes kept
    coming and we had to be ready for the closet. She told me she was sorry
    that she had to do this. Oh well, at least I didn’t have to go to the dreaded
    vet and we were blessed yet again.


    • Marjie(MeMyself) 4:32 am on October 28, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      Awww Bless ! But it is better to be safe than sorry xxx

    • ~ Grumps ~ 10:45 am on November 26, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      That’s actually a danged handy idea given how obedient cats can be.
      Here kitty kitty kitty …

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